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Voltar(a) (2013)

In Voltar(a) Renan Martins collaborates with Luana Bezerra on various cyclical structures. Its many small cycles are part of a bigger one that relates to life in its most simple way. One is born and till death goes through routine after routine.

The only differences are in the ways in which we meet and relate to others, what we take and learn from these

encounters and thus change our behaviour for future meetings.

Each of these meetings is a new chance to start over,

constantly shifting from being nothing to having its own life.

They make an imaginary and conceptual trip both to

their future and back to their childhood.

Renan Martins

​In collaboration with

Luana Bezerra

Luana Bezerra and Renan Martin

Light Design

Stanislav Dobak

Charleroi Danses


Made for and performed at

Festival Compil d'Avril, Brussels, BE​


© Stanislav Dobak
© Stanislav Dobak
© Stanislav Dobak
© Stanislav Dobak
© Stanislav Dobak
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