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Solo.Op.91. for Brahms (2012)


“You, my desires, that stir
in my heart without rest or peace!
You longings that move my heart,
When will you rest, when will you sleep?
By the whispering of the wind, and of the little birds?
You yearning desires, when will you fall asleep?

What will come of these dreamy flights?
What stirs me so anxiously, so sweetly?
It comes pulling me from far-off hills,
It comes from the trembling gold of the sun.
The wind whispers loudly, as do the little birds;
The longing, the longing - it will not fall asleep.”
(text by Friedrich Rückert)

Choreography and Performance

Renan Martins

Assistant Choreography

Bostjan Antoncic


Zwei Gesänge

Johannes Brahms

Live music performed by

Camille Merckx (mezzo)

Yves Cortvrint (alto)

Philippe Riga (piano)

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