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FLASH MOB (2021)

In FLASH MOB, Renan Martins collaborates for the first time with the students of DDSKS, in Copenhagen - DK. 

The choreography here emerges from the constant attempt to relate, to be with, to come together. In that collective space, trust becomes the fuel for self liberation. Every dance here is possible, every movement is welcome, as long as this group remains in the same mission. 

FLASH MOB is a dance performance that uses nostalgic Hollywood Soundtracks as a tool for emotional manipulation. Working constantly with syncing, how long can the performer sustain repetition until they unpack their most dramatic wishes? 

Renan Martins

Created with and Performed by
Alen Alfonso Nsambu

Bianca Shakti Berger

Carl Giacomello Scharnberg

Casper Albrektsen

Ella Ostlund

Enzo Hacquin

Iiris Miettinen

Innaja Katharina Skands

Magalí Perich Camps

Martina Piazzi

Ottavia Catenacci

Roosa Torma


Flora Brandt

Dj Bamboo and Carl Emil Amundsen

Choreographic Assistant and Production Management
Micaela Kuhn Jara 



Special thanks to Teresa Fogh Schou and Nathaniel Moore.

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