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Diamonds (2024)

“Love is an action, never simply a feeling.” (bell hooks) — Connections – between humans, places, bodies, and communities – are topics that repeatedly concern Brazilian choreographer Renan Martins. And it would not be different for his first collaboration with Unusual Symptoms, the resident dance company of Theater Bremen, DE.

Sensual and critical, influenced by his personal experiences as a queer Person of Colour in Europe, Renan Martins joins contemporary dance and musical references with political reflexion. After having dealt with club culture as a collective practice in his most recent ensemble pieces, his gaze now falls upon the personal aspect. Inspired by bell hooks’ book All About Love: New Visions, Renan Martins deals with our rapport toward relationships and intimacy. His new work is a dance from separation to connection, about a society that constantly enhances individualism. Yet if we are neurologically hardwired into having to join with others, how long can we endure being devoid of relationships, without belonging, without communion?


Renan Martins 


Zen Dem

Made with and Performed by 

Paulina Będkowska 

Gabrio Gabrielli 

Maria Pasadaki 

Nora Ronge 

Andor Rusu 

Young-Won Song 

Csenger K. Szabó

Aaron Samuel Davis

Waithera Lena Schreyeck ​

Zen Dem


Sofie Durnez 


Gregor Runge

Choreographic Assistant

Andy Zondag

Unusual Symptoms 

Artistic Direction

Alexandra Morales

Gregor Runge

Assistant to Artistic Direction 

Anna Kellert


18.04.2024 - Theater Bremen, Bremen, DE

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