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Failbetter (solo) (2015)

In the frame of PARTS 20 years celebration performances 

Renan Martins creates the short solo Failbetter.

 He revisits Anton Webern's Passacaglia Op. 1, a musical piece he encountered during Re:Zeitung, a reworked version of the Rosas piece Zeitung, made in collaboration with PARTS Foundation and 6 ex-students of Generation IX. In Re:Zeitung, written and improvised abstract movement material propose a specific relationship between dance and music. A relationship characteristic to Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's work, in which the dancers physicalize the complexity of music by each representing either instruments or voices, building or improvising dance material respecting the musical score. 

In Failbetter Renan Martins wish is to deepen the relationship between music and dance beyond the musical score by diving into the different atmospheres and textures this piece proposes. He attempts to embody the complexity of Webern's music; to be a channel through which lyricism, intimacy and

themes of homesickness, distance and utopia take form.


Choreography / Performance

Renan Martins

Also performed by

Thamiris Carvalho


Passacaglia Op. 1 by Anton Webern


PARTS 20 years


Seventyseven vzw

Special thanks to Alain Franco, Helena Araujo and Benjamin Pohlig

Old Dates 

12.11.2015 - Beursschouwburg, Brussels, BE

01.05.2018 - DDD Festival, Porto, PT

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© Tine Declerck
© Tine Declerck
© Tine Declerck
© Tine Declerck
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