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VIADUTO (2020/2021)


VIADUTO is inspired by the concept of party.

First, by its search and observation.

Then, by its experience and contemplation.

2013 is marked by significant events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of them is the demolition of one of its fundamental constructions, Elevado da Perimetral, a viaduct connecting major city parts with the periphery. Renan Martins investigates that moment in time, together with musician Frankão, to connect with the party as a tool for political resistance and as practice for collectivity.


Artistic Direction and Choreography

Renan Martins

Music and Live Performance


Choreographic Assistant/Dramaturgical Support

Ana Rocha

Made with and performed by 

João Cardoso 

Mar Grifoll

Maria Ferreira Silva

Nina Botkay

Thamiris Carvalho

Also performed by

Renan Martins 

Waithera Lena Schreyeck ​


Maria Ferreira Silva

Nina Botkay

Light Designer

Lui L’Abbate


Sekoia Artes Performativas

Support and Coproductions

Festival DDD

Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli

Espaço do Tempo

Quinta do paço

Fundação Gulbenkian

Mão Esquerda

City of Heidelberg

Special thanks to Víctor Pérez Armero

Old Dates

29.04.2021 - Festival DDD, Vila Nova de Gaia, PT

07.09.2021 - Bienal Sesc de Dança (online), Campinas, BR

08.09.2021 - Bienal Sesc de Dança (online), Campinas, BR

09.07.2022 - Ravnedans, Kristiansand, NO

04.02.2023 - Tanzbiennale, Heidelberg, DE

17.11.2023 - Eintanzhaus, Mannheim, DE

18.11.2023 - Eintanzhaus, Mannheim, DE

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