VIADUTO (2020)


VIADUTO is inspired by the concept of party.

First, by its search and observation.

Then, by its experience and contemplation.

The process of implementation of the environment, marked by layers and encounters of pulsations, from which emerges an atmosphere of organic union, opposes the sharp cut of the concrete that is the architectural viaduct.

Instead of separating the travellers from the lands they cross,

this metaphorical viaduct proposes its own construction

in a DIY and low-optic perspective that contradicts

the division between the interpreters and

the public by allowing both to commune with the party.


Artistic Direction and Choreography

Renan Martins



Ana Rocha

Music and live performance



Mar Grifoll

Maria Ferreira Silva

Nina Botkay

Thamiris Carvalho

Víctor Pérez Armero

Renan Martins


Sekoia Artes Performativas

Production Manager

Carolina Martins

Light Designer

Luisa L’Abbate

Support and coproductions

Festival DDD

Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli

Espaço do Tempo

Quinta do paço

Fundação Gulbenkian


30 April, 1 May 2021 (dates t.b.c)

Festival DDD, Porto, PT