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The No Category Practice is a mix of various movement practices. Rather than exploring their individual potential, we place the emphasis on how they interrelate. We consider their complementary and conflicting natures and how they might broaden our spectrum of possibilities as movers, performers, dancers and people.

Our starting proposition is that such practices are the basic tools by which we know ourselves and make sense of the world around us. We then confront the categories by bringing them to the forefront of our consciousness. In so doing, we can observe that their creation is linked to identity formation and, as such, they limit our possibilities for connection (to both ourselves and others).

We open our minds to the power of images, analogies, comparisons and symbols. The dance unfolds through the creation of metaphors that serve as mechanisms for escaping the rigidities of categorization.

Works made for schools:
Come on, Honey Fly with me (2023) 
FLASHMOB (2021) 
Lover's Eyes (2019) 
Glory (2017)

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