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No Tears Left To Cry (2021)





Contemporary dance and pop culture have long been directly related to each other. Both are influenced by each other’s codes, aesthetics and interests. In the founding phase of modern dance cabarets, variety theaters and nightclubs in large urban and suburban centers – then regarded as part of pop culture – played a crucial role in its development. Many artists in the first half of the 20th century focused their attention on various manifestations of early mass culture so that the line between “popular” and “artistic” dance was somewhat blurred. Both genres went through a significant structural change in the course of the so-called modern turn. 

Inspired by the symbolic meaning of the planet Saturn, which is said to have an emotional and transformative power, the Brazilian choreographer Renan Martins invites us in «No Tears Left to Cry» to an exciting journey through the movement repertoire of today’s pop culture. The production is a collaboration with the Berlin-based musician Dø√Σ Ç @ KΣ (Zen Jefferson), offering a stage to influences from MTV music videos and folk dances as well as personal narratives.

At present, we can observe the return of some phenomena that were common in the early modern period. Thus, contemporary dance – like modern dance before it – has no permanent place in what can conventionally be described as “popular” or “artistic”. Enthusiastic about the changing society, many current choreographers refer to the urban and suburban surroundings as many did at the beginning of the 20th century.

The products and effects of pop culture are considered as a kind of choreographic material; a resource that Renan Martins, in his search for new forms of movement and body expressions, wants to use freely. For him, pop culture is like a statement, a transformative instrument to rethink dance reception. He doesn’t consider pop culture a banal phenomenon but a unifying force capable of bringing different people together. Contemporary dance is not indifferent to pop culture. Both have their roots in modernity.


Renan Martins



Dø√Σ Ç@KΣ / Zen Jefferson


Choreographic Assistance / Artistic collaboration

Colline D'alakshak



Shaked Dagan


With and by

Thamiris Carvalho

Marc Galvez

Samuel Gilovitz

Yi-Wei Lo

Orla McCarthy

Kuan-Ying Su

Mathias Theisen


Rehearsal assistant

Marc Galvez



Renan Martins in collaboration with the DTH



Jonah Fellhauer



Martin Rohr

The team of Dance Theater Heidelberg

Artistic director

Iván Pérez


Rehearsal Director

Jorge Soler Bastida



Marcos Mariz


Dance Pedagogy

Gaëlle Morello



Siegerbusch Film

A production of Dance Theatre Heidelberg and Theater und Orchester Heidelberg

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