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AMYGDALA research project (2014/2015)


In this year long research project Renan Martins connects to neuroscience to dig into this particular part of the brain, amygdala, responsible for regulating emotions.

Renan Martins and his dancers work on the concept of fear and anxiety. They deconstruct traumatic events into seemingly random movement patterns which slowly disclose a deeper meaning. The landscape is, at first, as abstract as the relationships created by the dancers. As nonsensical as their actions seem, through various repetitions

they slowly become meaningful.

The research looks into playing with the cathartic effect that the release of tension can have on an audience and performers alike.

In AMYGDALA they explores self emotional discovery

as a possible door to access movement material.

First stage sharing performed by

Colline Etienne

Manuela Fiori Schineider

Marilia Giannini Silva

Paola Di Bella

Paola Rodriguez Chaves

Rafaela Sahyoun

Sarah Bleasdale

Second stage sharing performed by

Colline Etienne

Manuela Fiori Schineider

Nanya Eslava

Paola Di Bella

Sarah Bleasdale




Supported by



Cie Thor

Casa do Brasil Art Space

Special Thanks to

Bram Smeyers, Peter Savel, Victor Perez Armero, Thierry Smits, Luciana Ferreira Kujawski and Vincent Jos Marce

Old Dates

9.05.2014 1st public sharing - Sign Six, Brussels, BE

12.03.2015 2nd public sharing - Casa do Brasil Art Space, Brussels, BE

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